Starcraft 2

Speaking of some good ol’ fashion make-believe genocide, I see Star Craft 2 is coming out! I used to play the original for hours with one of the two roommates I ever liked and got along with, Quinn and Jason. Jason and I would come home from work, fill up our personal coolers with beers, and head to our rooms and proceed with a network game of Star Craft until the wee hours of the morning.

We would wake up with hangovers, not enough sleep, and an intense desire to eat a greasy breakfast. Off to work we would go and look forward to another night of playing video games.

And yes, now that I look back at it…….it was the smart thing to do. While everyone else my age was heading down town to get drunk on $5 beers and shimmy up to the hotty with the clap, I was at home saving green. Gaming does have its perks! By the way, that money mostly made its way into my IRA…….mostly.

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