Blog things

Man, blogging is starting to become its own job!

I am starting to fall behind on the posts. Not that I don’t have something to post about. I have plenty to post about. And really, when I think about it… most of it stems from my digital camera. See I have been taking a bunch of pictures for you folks about all the mishaps, repairs, and clean-ups I have been doing. Problem is I cannot find the cable for my digital camera so I can get the pictures off. I have been using the throw away cameras but they don’t always do a good job and its kind of a crap shoot on what kind of picture you are going to get. Like the Dryer pics, I could only use half of them!

I’ll admit that it is also a streak of being lazy. With cleaning up the meth lab (Its a tool shed, calm down DEA…go look at the pics and you’ll see why it has the NAME not the function) and getting the work bench made, BBQ’ing, and some A/C repair work…..blogging takes second seat. Nope, in my spare time I am blowing up zerg!

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