Chinese Food

I have a sweet spot for Chinese food. I can also confirm that I am a little spoiled, or is it fine tuned, when it comes to Chinese food. I have had the privilege of eating real Chinese food from a real Chinese person. Wait, …. did I say that right? Hrmmmm, what I mean is that a friends mother is from China and is talked highly about her cooking. I think that is what I meant.

Anywho, she was a strong Taoist and it reflected in her cooking….which was soooo-oo-oo-ooooo good. Hot and cold, sweet and spicy, you get the idea. Even now I am drooling over the thought of her cooking….*whimper*

Oh yeah…So this was a total surprise! My wife found a Chinese food place out here in the boonies! I have been craving Chinese food and there is nothing better on a rainy day than Chinese take out. Which we have had a mess of rainy days lately. Not that I am complaining! I love the rain.

I might be placing an order in to the Hao-Ling-Kat Palace. I feel the need for some Chinese food tonight.

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