Wish list

I admit it! I am a modern day Jezebel! I want to turn towards material and immoral things such as reading, intellectual conversation, philosophy, and a sense of self liberty. Such things only bring misery and dire for my fellow comrades! How can I just sit here and dare to flaunt my total disrespect for the greater good of my brother of the motherland?!?! These things that I want have been discovered by men smarter than I and deemed to be a deviation from our true goals of brotherhood!

Yeah….well crap aside, Amazon is going to help me in my devious ways. If you look at the bottom of this blog you’ll see my wish list. Buy me something and bask in greedy, evil, capitalism!

All hail Baal! And the Dark Lord Xanu! And Hale-Bopp!

Edit: Well either Amazon didn’t code the wish list correctly or the Scientology people are after me. either way my list wish doesn’t work so I took it down. Booville!

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