Rock N’ Dirt! Oh yeeeah!

Recently I have become a huge Craig’s List troll and I check the site about every hour. I am finding so many things that I need and all for free, yeah I go to the free forum. From fences to wood to whatever.

So lately it has been about rocks! In my area we have HUGE slabs of lime stone. Which is great, really. I plan to build a BBQ, stone and mortar the skirt of my house, lay down a drive way, make a side walk….all with this lime stone.

Well it seems that someone on the south shore of the lake has build himself a very nice house. He also happens to have a large pile of dirt and limestone rocks. All of which made itself onto Craig’s list and found its way into my truck!

Woo hoo, free rocks and I don’t have to dig them up!

I know……boring post. But I think it rocks!

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