South Carolina Fire Fighters

I rarely ever do this but something in me today just pressures me to follow my will on this and make a post about it.

I normally save my praise of our service men and woman for private affairs. Confined to personal e-mails,phone calls, or hand shake I choose the more intimate path on my praise. I don’t go around waving the American Flag like some baboon, which is a whole different story.

I like to believe that I know what the true meaning of public servant is about, even when the servant themselves does not. And before the hate mail pours in, just remember this is what I think. It is not law, or ordinance, or my will to be obeyed. And of course, interpretation is different for everyone.

Let me premise that no man or woman in public service should ever be considered above in virtue or morals above the common citizen. A public servant is, in the end, a volunteer servant. A person that is able to serve citizens at large according to their vocation. Either through an intense desire to develop bonds stronger through their service or through a realized trait that is wished to be applied in their chosen manner.

Through the armed forces with their common defense for the States United, to the Sheriff of these counties that bring charges of violations of rights to the courts of men, to Fire Fighters that risk life and limb to protect and preserve life and property…. these our are public servants.

I would like to extend my sympathy to the South Carolina, Charleston Fire Fighter company. To my accounts Nine of their finest and bravest gave their lives in pursuit of the preservation of private property. One of the basic, if not the basic, tenet of our Republic for these States United is the Right of Private Property. Protecting this tenet holds a great honor with me.

I always find it a shame that anyone passes away. We people have been gifted to give so much and it seems that one life time is never enough. Be it as it may, we do have to leave this ball of dirt. It is a fact that refuses to change and always claims the finest and the brightest regardless of virtue or valuer. But in my remorse for these fallen I can find solace that they lost their lives not to old age and a failing body but to a sense of service that made them who they are. Their death is merely their Earthly shell, may their memory live on. I know it will in this blog……… I will add their names when they are released.


Capt. William “Billy” Hutchinson, 48

Capt. Mike Benke, 49

Capt. Louis Mulkey, 34

Engineer Mark Kelsey, 40

Engineer Bradford “Brad” Baity, 37

Assistant Engineer Michael French, 27

Firefighter James “Earl” Drayton, 56

Firefighter Brandon Thompson, 27

Firefighter Melven Champaign, 46

post script edit: Thanks AD… its a comforting to know that you agree-in-like. 🙂

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