El Rancho de Braco

Wireless is not the way to go

Well dang nab it! this weekend was suppose to be about me crawling under the house and installing network cable. I had planned to drill 1/4 or so holes going in the base boards and all to run phone and network cable. But I listened to others and thought that wireless would be faster, cheaper, and easier.

*Side note: I already have a wireless router. It drops connections faster than Paris Hilton can drop a line of coke.

Easier, yes it was easier…if you don’t count that I had to run to the store to get network cards as I found out my mother does NOT have a on-board network interface. I thought those were standard with computer from 2000 on up…which may lead to another story some day down the road.

Cheaper, Almost….by a few bucks. For the wireless option, the new router cost me $60 and the two network cards cost me $19 each (but don’t quote me on that yet). The wired option starts at $26 x 2 for the network cable (100 ft each). Plus the RJ-11/RJ-45 (Phone/Network) jacks cost me $8 @ a qty of three.

– Wireless: $98

-Wired: $92

Hmmmmm….now that I have done the numbers it does look like wired is cheaper. I still need to buy RJ-11 cable to run from the demarcation box to my previously planned network junction box. Not to mention AWG-22 (I think) Black/white/ground wires to said junction box. But still…..The cost looks almost marginal and I get the reliability of cabled network. And hey, those wires run like 19¢!

Faster, Considering the opportunity cost here. Had I fallin’ back on my project management skills I would have “costed” out the project, calculated the opportunity cost, built my time lines, and assessed the risk. Big fat “L” on my forehead. I know better and I got caught up in the easy solution.

So as of faster… Considering that I now wasted a perfectly good weekend and my schedule for this week looks full. I might get small 1 hour breaks to pick away at the first option. Delaying the whole “project” by a week. Not to mention that my wife is getting a little P.O’ed every time I say “Well, I have to go to Lowes….”

She’s threating to give them a picture of me and telling them to cut me off.

Is their a home improvement anonymous group in the Leander area?

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