El Rancho de Braco

The Interweb!

w00t! DSL modem arrived Wednesday! I tripped over the water soaked box on my way into the house during the monster storm we were having. Lucky for ATT and my sanity that it was wrapped in plastic!

I got it all setup last night….and checked my gmail and went to bed. Doesn’t sound like a guy that has been internet deprived for over a month now does it?

Anywho, I’ll be running a phone cable from the demarcation box to the master closet. It is the center most location in my house. Where I will be creating a junction with a phone jack, power outlet, modem holder, router holder, and line outs for several CAT5 cables.

A lofty task for this weekend but it should be well worth it to have the house networked.

Since I am still looking for the charge to the digital camera, I got a few extra disposables for pics during the project. Stay tuned kiddos! You get to watch first hand how a man screws himself out of home owners insurance!

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