Country Cookin', El Rancho de Braco

First BBQ

Well I have officially christened the property! We had our first BBQ on Sunday!

I got a bag of wood chips, I hate charcoal, and started up the BBQ grill. My mother and wife also decided this was a wonderful idea and loaded me up with 4 steaks, a large chicken breast, 5 beef franks, 6 hamburger patties.

2 hours of BBQ mayhem!

Judging by the clouds I moved the BBQ grill and lawn table to the car shanty and other than a slight drop or two it was pretty much not an issue. It did provide for a nice humid day which is nice for BBQ I suppose.

One side effect from BBQ is that mosquitoes will NOT bother you. I did enjoy this little event in ultimate ease. Sitting back, BBQ filling the air, birds chirping, eyes closed….and the sound of a shrilled little voice “I’ll put out the fire daddy”.

WTF….! Damn it he is doing it again! Seems my son doesn’t get the concept of a BBQ. He thinks that fire is bad and must be put out with dirt from his brand new shovel….and the food is still on the grill.

I managed to get the shovel from him just before our food would have had a nice glaze of dirt de jour.

We also had our first yard wrestle! My son thought it would be funny to act like a super hero and use his super punch to defeat me. A grab of the wrist, a slight chop to his arm pit and a leg trip to the ground and evil has won the day! I guess daddy never told his son about his Kung-Fu training. All in due time….all in due time.

Wrestling did ensue…..quite the little fighter in him.

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