Evil things

Troll way

So I live far away from people…on purpose! It also means I drive far to get to work. It is beautiful drive and I do enjoy seeing the sun come up over the valley but damn. It is about 45 minutes each way and with all the stop lights I eat about quarter of a tank everyday.

So I broke down and sold my soul to TxDOT and their cronies,the CTRMA. I am now offically a “Toller”. Here is a pic of my own personal little Satan on my window. A daily reminder of who I really work for.

I haven’t done the math on this one but it seems like it saved about 15-20 minutes off my trip. I may hold an official time study of the tr183a/tr45 route. I’ll need to record gas used and time taken and compare that with the cost of tolling.

P.S. gov. Perry, just because you won this doesn’t make you any less then a grade “A” arse. You can bet that I’ll never vote Republican again…or Democrat since you folks didn’t even cough when this troll business was all going on.

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