Dryer Story

The dryer story part 1 1/2

ok, what I am going to do is punch a 4 inch wide hole in the utility room to the outside of the house. Then I am going to put some flashing up and a rigid 4″ tube with a vent cover w/flap outside and caulk it with silicon. All this should give us a modern dryer vent and fix our dryer problem.” I say….mind you I have my hands on my hips, my right foot on rock about knee high, my face looking up into the sky, and my cape flapping in the wind as my theme song is playing in the back ground.

I think the dryer is just dead” My wife is going for my throat on this one. I mean come on! I just said all this official sounding stuff and used all these ambiguous words in a long drawn out run on sentence. How could she just sit there and pronounce the dryer dead!?!?

No no honey….its the heat. How else can you explain the intermittent drying“? I had her! She was busy with unpacking and taking care of the cute little girl. I could hear my theme music again! “Well hurry up, I need to dry the clothes in the washer

Some where….a little hardware angel just got his wings

1 thought on “The dryer story part 1 1/2”

  1. Oh gawds, you and power tools should not be trusted together. Seriously, I’m with Bekah on this one, intermittent drying could be heat build up or a blown out dryer. Now, hear me out though, compromise, you play with your power tools to create a new vent, and she gets to get a new/semi-used dryer and you’ll both be happy. All I have to say though is no, you can’t eat the silicone caulk, it’s not Elmer’s, never has been, never will be.


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