The wind

I run the string through my hand, careful to keep things right. I place it down the field and being to move away. The wind catches the kite we made together. The wind in all its grace lifts it up and up it flies into the sky.

Our molecules collided and in a brief flash of brilliant light of love and happiness we, you and me, existed. It was wonderful! It really was the greatest thing ever! The colors I could see, you could just taste life. What a great time we had and I am so sorry that it ended. I just wish I knew why it ended but you know what?

That’s ok.

I’m starting to be ok with not knowing why. I’m realizing it’s ok to not know and now I feel it is time to be me. Just me and I am letting go of the last bit of us, just like you did.

Wind pulls at our kite and I say one last “I love you”….. and I let go

Good-bye Galaxy Girl

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