Trollin’ for grandma

*Another random thought from 2010. I don’t even remember this call. Total black out.

What an absolutely delightful day! My partner had enough time today to catch a couple of hours of sleep in the back of the ambulance while I got caught up on the recent COG (Clinical Operating Guidelines) updates.

In addition I called my student loan company and got some payments straighten out, which by the way Sallie Mae sucks and I would recommend not using them, EVER!

*MEDIC TWO* the radio crackled

“Medic two, go ahead” I responded over the hand held. I could hear a thump in the back followed by naught language.

“93 Female, Bi-lat…*zzz*” came from the radio

“Repeat dispatch” times go by, “Repeat dispatch”. Still nothing. After about 30 seconds we get an “update” page with the address but no name or chief complaint. This goes solidly in the “WTF” category.

We drive to Dusty Bottom ln and hop out of the rig. We start walking up the sidewalk and see a kid disappear in the window. Not like run away kind of disappear but like vanish, like off “The Grudge”. Totally not happy about that since “The Grudge” put me with in poking distance of schizophrenia. My partner knocks on the door and with in 1/16 of a second it burst open with the kid standing in the door way. My hands go up and I am ready to sock this kid…

“You hewr faw gwandma” bleats the little apparition. “Yes” as the whisper leaves my mouth, “please show us where grandma is”. *Poof* he’s gone again except for the shadow down the hall way that looks like a small child. My partner chases down after him. I’m stuck at the doorway trying to cold crank my proton pack.

Its not long before I am lost in what looked to be a single wide trailer. I’ve checked every room, looked under bed, nearly shit my pants when someone closed a door. When I finally find a sliding glass door it’s lock with a wooden rod. The awkward silence that followed when

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