Day Three

Day Three


Wow….talk about a dry subject. Eight hours of facts, facts, and more facts. We had a great instructor that was funny and helpful. He is also about as old as g-d, probably could pass for his younger brother. Talks and looks just like Sam Elliot… kid you not!

We also picked our class Captains and Lieutenants. Freaking last thing I want to do is be a baby sitter in the academy. A few people nominated me and I got a chance to quickly decline the nomination. My attitute of it is that I have been leading people for a long time. Its something I know better than fire fighting. I am in the fire academy to learn fire fighting, not leadership. So….. I’d rather just be a regular Joe. Nothing snobby about it, just a time and place for it and now is not it.

On another note, our cook is a strange dude. He sounds like that creepy old man off of Family guy. He keeps walking into the commons and talking to us. We have no clue what he is saying and I fear that we just agreed to come over to his house to watch “Rainman”.

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