Fire Academy

Day four

Day Four

We got our rookie ropes and PPE today! A rookie rope is a symbol, a responsibility, and a tool. It must be around our waist at all times (expect for showering and when in *PPE). It shows a fire fighters commitment to preparedness and readiness. It also means we have to keep track of it. If it is lost then we have to earn it back. Either as a class or as an individual.

It didn’t take long for us to learn the importance of having the rope available at all times. We had several “60 Seconds”, a drill on which you have to don your PPE in …you guessed it, 60 seconds. A few of us left the ropes around our waist and thus unable to get the rope when our PPE is on.


*PPE: Personal Protective Equipment, aka Bunker gear, aka turn out gear, aka the hot smelly suit, aka what fire fighters wear

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