Stupid volly probie shit

Still a volly, still a probie. more to come on that.

So everyone one wonders where I have been. Well, not at the office cause I got laid off so some VP could keep his private jet and some dick sucker could keep his job by making me look bad. No worries, I mean the company I worked at start to suck. Everyone was saying it… I just got laid off and got a nice severance packing in the process. Doesn’t mean the Vp is not a selfish asshole or the former boss is an ass kissing fuck tard. We all have our place in this world, mine just isn’t on my knees. I choose to hire American, let’s just say that. 😉

Anywho, speaking of saving Americans I did just that. Still brand new…got my new leather smell on and everything. We get toned out to a Geri (geriatric) with cardiac, aka heart attack. It was an amazing experience. blood cuffs, pulse, questions, stretchers, a 12 lead cardio monitor and what did I do……went next door and ordered a hamburger for lunch.

To my credit I am not certified to touch patients (pt) yet so I took lunch orders.

No sooner did I get lunch then we get toned for anaphylactic shock. Woo-woo all the way to the other freaking side of our district, nice drive and all just so hard to eat when you are bouncing around. And where to put your drink in a fire engine with no cup holders…

Turns out out PT got stung by a scorpion……an hour ago. I know…I know, those of your with allergies are snorting…MAYBE even chortling. Still, a scorpion is scary…. ok fuck it, we were laughing when we got back into the engine. I mean I might feel bad but I mean, jeez, hit the internet and look it up or call a clinic and see if they want you to call 911. I don’t know, I hate to desensitize someone to recognizing a true emergency but them…..how about actually recognizing one?

The hamburger was yummy by the way

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