Some new blong links

I added some new blog links. Mostly female fire fighters.

I have a great deal of respect for the true female FF’s. They work their asses off to match or exceed the abilities of their male counterparts, don’t ask for “special” treatment, and don’t ask to change the rules just for them….well other than their own bathroom. Not only do they have that but they also have old timers and jackasses that just plain don’t want them in the service.

So you have that…. THEN you also have females that come in and make it harder on the ones that work hard and play hard. You got the femi-nazies who want to bust balls and get their NOW girlscout badge. The whiners who want a whole different play book just for them….like dying in a fire is somehow gender bias? And then the Firehouse fucks who joined just so they can fuck every fire fighter in the house.

These ladies of the Maltese cross have everything a man has to face, plus the BS politics, and even some of their own gender ready to screw their game. They take it like a man and then some….

My helmet is tipped to you ladies and your blog link is added to the blog list. I hope everyone gets to check their blogs out. Good stuff!

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