The playhouse project

The playhouse project part one

[POST for Thursday, February 7, 2009 posted on Tuesday, Feb. 24th]

When we first moved into El Rancho de Braco there was this sad looking playhouse on the empty lot next door. It was neglected and missing its siding from a random poacher helping him or herself. Weather took what wasn’t stolen and by the time we moved in it was mostly a skeleton with a half present roof.

Well my neighbor Robert moved in. Part of the cleaning of his property was to burn this playhouse. Now the kids play in this playhouse all the time and I just couldn’t let him burn it. So I asked him if we could have it instead of him burning it. Obviously he was happy to give it to me if it would make the kids happy.

So it sat on the back of the property for about 6 months. Over time it started to lean and I made several attempts to level it. No use, it just keep slouching. To make matters worse more stuff fell off. Clear sign that collapse is eminent.

So we saved some money and thus begins a new project… The Playhouse Project. I took some photo’s with my new cell phone, which it turns out takes awesome pictures. Here is a few pics after I got everything leveled to 0 degrees and I started some work before it occurred to me to take some shots before I got to far along.

All that is left is the 1 x 2 ‘s, some of the wood shingles, and a quarter of the tongue and groove boards on one side.

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