This kid just got suspended for three months for smoking pot?!?! Who the flip cares? If he wasn’t out in public with his pants around his ankles with a 14 year old in one hand and a crack pipe in the other then his personal business is just that. PERSONAL!

If this dumb arse wants to smoke dope then why is the media all over his arse?!?! Cause he is a role model….oh sweet Mary mother and Joseph! If a swimmer is your child’s role model then you fail as a parent. Why dad and mom aren’t the two greatest people in your son or daughters life shows that you absolutely came short on spending time in front of your off spring and instead replaced yourself with someone that your child can never relate to.

Why people have to pry into Phelps personal life to cause him public humiliation is W-R-O-N-G. It is immoral. You are NOT suppose to do that. And making a judgment as a committee to act on this is ALSO wrong. No one was hurt and it was a personal choice to do something personal. PERSONAL. He is not beating dogs to death for crying out loud.

Most likely he was smoking pot in his room and watching monkey’s screw on animal planet.

MEDIA, butt out!


For the record I didn’t know who Michael Phelps was until he hit the news today. And no…..I did not watch the olympics. Yes….it means I am anti-social or something. I also don’t watch American Idol or Survivor…wanna bust my balls on that too!

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