[Wednesday’s post 1-21-2009]

It happened. Wife took the the Wii into Best Buy to have it “repaired” under the two year warranty (thank you very much). What do they do…..replace it with a new unit. And as things are apparently not transferable between Wii’s we lost all of our character, character development, and our virtual fish tank. I should call Nintendo and see if we can get refunded for that last one.

But my wife is totally awesome and managed to get one of the last Wii Fitness games in town (the one with the balance board). Fitness via video games sounds lame right? Hey, I would have agreed with you but check this out. The Wii Fit measures your BMI and then tracks it. It also takes your weight and tracks that also. It also tests your balance and tracks that as well. You set goals and it also tracks that as well. It makes tracking your fitness info easy peasy crunchuweasy. Back in my day we used pencil and paper for all that nonesense. Now we have video games to do that!

I also get Yoga which is totally helping my martial arts felxability and helps to work out my pulled calf muscle. Has strength training as well as cardo training! It also has balance games which the kids totally love! Oh…plus everything is scaleable. YOu unlock reps, new exericse, new yoga moves and stuff. Its really cool and I am really glad she bought it!


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