Big kids

[Tuesday’s post 1-20-2009]

So Monica has a new boyfriend! Yay! Finally! Cause we were all starting to think she might switch sides……which would be kind of hot.

ANYWAYS! She has a new boyfriend. And being that we have been friend for over half a decade most of us, her “friends”, have had a field day picking on her. I don’t know why we do it and to add we never met this guy. Still the jokes are rolling out of the gaff factory. He is maybe four years younger..maybe….still its enough for the cougar jokes. Many days I often ask her if she packed him his favorite lunch. Or when making dinner plans I try to schedule the time it takes her to pick him up from daycare. My favorite so far is asking if they watch “Curious George” together or does she work during his TV time?

Still…I think its important to note that this must be a great guy. Monica is a wonderful woman and had great taste in friends as well as mates. Shes smart and knows what she is doing and if this guy is lucky enough to be in her life then he one of the best out there. Gratz to Mr. lucky and I hope you told your teacher at show0and-tell where she touches you at night. I think the DA is looking to press charges against her.
had too……just too easy

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