Trouble in toyland

News has it that China is getting a swift kick in the wedding tackle. China has seen a lot of set back with a series of poor quality control, dangerous materials in the manufacturing process, and anti-Chinse sentiment. Now China is going to experince a very unpleasant slow down in their economy as a result in our economy. we are buying less and thus they are forced to sell less….and thus fire people…and thus close factories…and thus take a hit in their GDP as their export fall below their imports (which is weird since they almost never import anything)…and thus question their relance on the US market…and this question their faith in the US currency…and thus question why they buy so much of our damn debt…and thus start calling in their debt…and thus prolonging this recession.

Maybe this is a long series of lack of faith in our currency policy. Maybe its just that crazy old guy [Ron Paul] said a bunch of things that were going to happen and now…….now he is right and doesn’t seem so crazy.

I don’t know….maybe I am just rambling.

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