Sign of the times

Das link: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/28191199/

Sign of the times I suppose when we make criminals into a defensible class of citizens. I’ve always been of the mind that if you violate a mans rights by entering onto his property [without his approval] that you are taking your life into his hands. Usually that hand is holding a S&W self protection security device.

However, it seems that this man is in trouble with the law. After informing a horde of two legged varmints of their trespassing crime, then giving them a tongue lashing to further exasperate the point, he finally turned his urine filled super soaker on to the critters for a bathing in respect for other. Nevermind that he had the right of mind to NOT shoot them with a .38 and thus avoid causing them serious permanat damage or outright turning them dead-like. Nay, only a slight inconvience of poor judgement and a bruised ego.

However, now HE is in TROUBLE with the law for all of this. Let us not forget that his actions were provked after the police inept behavior of not thwarting these fun-loving criminals in a long series of absues. No, he is in trouble for defending himself

I am calling on the parents to this cabal of teenagers to bring their children into the public spotlight for only a minte. A minute where they publically spank their children and then apoligze for letting their off spring behave in such a manner.

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