Here’s farting at you kid

A West Virginia man has been charged with battery to a police officer. “Officer” T.E. Parsons is accusing Jose Cruz of battery for…….get this……farting on him! Yeah, no sh!t! Farting in him!

Apparently our flatulent fellow faces felony fines for farting farcically forthwith fanning foul fumes forward. Our Officer in this story, T.E. Parsons, is now laying assault charges on the farting felon.

If farting on someone is enough to get assault charges laid on them then I am in dead doo doo. I think there is a class action law suit forming against me here at the office. Not to mention my wife….who in this criteria is assaulted nightly…….

LINK: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/26877682/

*MSNBC.com as of 9/25/2008

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