My brother recently called.

Initially I am excited but our conversations soon turn towards politics. Its really a love hate thing with me and politics right now. I stepped out of the political spot light for a much needed break. I guess I was never much suited to wield the powers of control.

Oh, right! So we start talking about politics. Now my brother is a die hard Republican and….well I have principles. No, I am not a Democrat. So when you start mixing principles with Republican/Democrat agendas you tend to get one hell of a $h*t storm. Oil and water those two…….oh get it! Oil! HA! I wasn’t even trying on that one.

Anywho, so we go down our normal discussion on how the Republicans are worse than the Democrats. Democrats lie, cheat, steal, are openly socialist and all that crap BUT at least they tell you to your face. Republicans lie, cheat, steal, are closet socialist. You don’t find out about it until one of them is snorting coke off some interns cock.

My brother and I are in a political dog fight that would put Manfred von Richthofen to shame. And, as usual, I lay out example by example how the GOP is about preserving the “business” and not the Republican principles established long ago. *COUGH* Small decentralized government, excise only tax, no meddling in affairs of other nations, free trade

Usually my brother tires of the philosophical ass whooping and switches to baseball discussion or suddenly has to go and put the kids to bed (at 3pm in the afternoon?). This time however he said to take it to the blog. Intriguing! Can I accept this pseudo-challenge to express my logic backed views with full references on a publicly viewable online log of written thoughts?

By golly I think I can take a crack at this!

1 thought on “Neo-cons EVERYWHERE”

  1. Hey! It was their nap time. Seriously. And it wasn’t baseball, it was football. Chargers Vs Panthers. Panthers won :(.After our discussion I realized that for the most part we agree on a lot of the issues, what we don’t see eye to eye on, though, is the method for getting from here to where we should be. THe ripple effect from the overnight change that you would like to see, could and would be disasterous. That’s why with voting republican, at least I can hope (even if it is false hope) for a little bit of change in teh right direction.


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