Happy now!

OK MATT! I POSTED! Now get off my ass!

It has been a while….

Busy times, not a lot of free time to blog. Or sit down and collect my thoughts! my neighbor is going back to Iraq. Before he left he wanted to finish some projects around his house. I pitched in as much as I could. We built a fence for his back yard that is about 150′ long if stretched out in a line. We also built a deck for his wife (again for the back yard). We also managed to build him a little parking lot for all of his cars. He has a whole mess of restored cars he fixes. And finally we fixed his septic line to his drain field pumps.

To top all of that off I built my own fence, at 100′ down the front of my property. Its a lot of work and I am drained of enthusiasm for any other projects that spring up. Not to mention I got a wicked sun burn! I usually don’t get sunburn bad being a sun child and all but this one has me AWOL from my Krav Maga classes. I rarely miss class!

Last time I got burned anywhere close to this is when I turned 20. My friends took me to one of the thousands rivers down here, Comel is the name of it I think. We lathered on the sunscreen and hoped in the innertubes and went a float. Some where between the beer, bikini’s, and other party favors I lost the sun screen (rubbing on the tube or something). Twelve hours later I am in pain and later that night I go to the E.R. I kid you not!

My skin was starting to bubble and fill with fluid! I was in agony….what would you have done? Anywho, the doctor just about smacked me with his clip board and told me I had voluntary second degree burns from the blazing sun and my amazing stupidity.

To this day I do not having a lot of feeling on my shins and I can wear shorts in winter and not be phased. Cute little story huh? That’s what you get Matt, for pestering me. The bubble skin story! Now go back to work before I drop another load of “To-Do” on your desk. I don’t pay you to read my blog you little bastard.

Tell the wife “hello” for me

1 thought on “Happy now!”

  1. ew ew ew sooo didn’t need the bubble skin story. Coming from AZ I’ve seen that on the river there that gets floated. Lots of stupid out of staters hit the river and 6 hours later they’re boiled lobster red. As to the actual post itself, taking time out to post theoretically makes you a slacker too. Get back to work!


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