My ideal body weight

Ideal weight range is 146 – 160.6 lbs. (66.4 – 73 kg.).
You are overweight by 19.4 lbs. (9 kg.).

Why do you need to know this? I’ll tell you why and don’t act all surprised. You knew I was going to say that!

At the hight my flabbery I hit 195 lbs. For my height and body frame that is thirty five pounds over weight. That makes me technical obesity! that freaked me out!

I know everyone has that story “Yeah, I was 155 and all muscle” but I really was. I spent 99% of my time outdoors doing stuff. Then I started working in the corporate world, got my ex wife pregnant, had a kid, got divorced, did the rediscovering life thing, met my wife, got her pregnant, got married, did the kid thing all over again……*poof* land whale.

So I decided to do something about it and it happens to align when my son was getting frustrated with karate. I decide to start doing Krav Maga to help him with his motivation and to help me with my growing back side.

Almost four months later I went from 195 lbs. to 180 lbs.! I lost fifteen freaking pounds! I have twenty more to go and I haven’t really set a date. I just might stick to five pounds a month since it seems like a steady number to me. Still, this is exciting for me. The first time in almost a decided that I have started to lose weight. No….I didn’t lose anything. I WON weight!

I am winning my weight goal, I am winning my muscle tone goal, I won my endurance goal, and I am just happy all around.

So that is the reason for the ideal body weight thing at the top of this post.

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