Dining Room Floor Project Part Two

I admit that this month has been a little dry on the postings. Deal with it man! Its summer and that is when I go out and play in the sun. Disc golf, climbing, camping, caving, hiking, kayaking, mountain biking……yup. All stuff I do during the summer…..six years ago.

Now I lay down new dining room floor for fun. The work slowed down as I realized that I had not sanded the floor before we laid down some of the faux hardwood planks. Lucky for me I happen to have a belt sander and after an hour or so we had a sanded floor. Gripping isn’t it!

We had about six box fans all aimed at the window. Still….all that sanding dust managed to get in the air, settle on everything, and give everyone in the house a major case of congestion. Our Cute Little Girl [The CLG] is mighty pissed off in this picture. Not only is she having to wait on the side lines but she is tired of all this work. There she is [picture on the right] whining it up to mommy.

I got you another money shot here. This time without the CLG and all the other stuff. Kind of gives you an idea of what the floor will look like. If you can, Imagen an off white carpet with nasty black stains in it. You know the kind they put in cheap apartments. That is what this room used to look like.

Anywho, it looks like we are almost done here so I’ll let you look at the pictures and you can bask in the glory that is our work. 😛

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