New dining room floor

The family had some of our stolen money (Tax Return) given back to us. So we invested in some mutual bonds. Kidding…..no we actually diversified our stock portfolio. KIDDING! No for real we paid off some of our standing debt.! *giggle*

Seriously, we decided to re-do our dining room floor. My daughter still has trouble shoveling food into her mouth. Its either ALL going in her mouth at once or ALL going on the floor at once. Carpet + Food = Funky moldy spot.

Enough, say we, for we shall march forth from this humble abode and seek new flooring *sound trumpets*!

At first I wanted hardwood floors. I love hard wood floor. I like the sound when you walk on it, I like the look of it, I like telling people that I have hard wood floors. But I don’t like the price…no….don’t like the price at all. Even engineered hardwood floors is like $3.90 a square foot. Dining room: 1,200 sqft * $3.90 = $468. I’m not going to slap down $500 for a new dining room floor.

Then there is laminate at $1.98 * 1,20 sqft = $237.60. It’s a better price but you know what happens to your Wal-Mart coffee table? Over time the finish wears out and you have those white spots that poke through! Its that compresses paper/wood stuff and it just looks funky. So I really don’t want my floor doing that either.

Then I found these Vinyl “wood” planks that are self-adhesive at .97 a sqft. So 120 sqft * .97 = $116.40. Wow! These things are going to last forever (the planks, not sure about the adhesive), cheap, and they look like real wood.

I loaded up the cart with seven boxes of the stuff and mowed down some old granny on my way to the check out line. Sorry Mrs. Henderson! I promise to cut your yard all summer.

So the wifey and I pulled up the funky carpet. Removed the carpet tack strips and spent several hours popping out nails and staples from when some lazy contractor/previous owner had stapled down some linoleum that apparently runs through out the house. This linoleum lurks under our current flooring as we find out later.

And then we begin!

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