Living Skeletons

I don’t know about you but run way models gross me out. I don’t mean the REI hiking models showing this years “IN” repelling equipment….no I mean the Paris fashion industry kind. The Skeletor Olsen kind of run way models. You know exactly what I am talking about too….don’t even sit there and try to say “Man I totally don’t watch that stuff!”. I know the truth! You, like me, are desperately waiting to see last years throw cover turn into this years glam dress! You get’em Chantecaille! You go girl! Grrrrrrr- moew!

Eh…uh, no what I am here to write about is my love hate feelings towards the fashion industry. Even for a dude that is fashion challenged, I do pay attention of the fashion industry in pure economic terms.

You see models in the fashion industry, through tradition, like to appear slim. And in an aggressive, dear I say, free market competition have gone to extreme measures to be “more slim” than the next girl. This somehow gives some serious wood to the fashion designers as a measure of their models commitment. Now all you hippies out there are jumping up and down with delight screaming “See! We need more government regulation”. Hold on my friendly little granola pounders. Its time to check the other side of the Birkenstock.

The MARKET is now turning. Consumers are now protesting, aka using their supreme vote, and refusing to buy products from designers who use skele…..anorexic models. In hippie terms, this is what us economist talk to you about. That “invisible hand” that “natural correcting action” that “freedom of choice”. You know when I talk to you and say that an industry will boom, then recede, then it will become ultra competitive, consumers will correct market fractures, then market demand will swing back in play to stabilize the market. Crap……did I lose your attention already?

Ok fine. The hippies tuned out and are now trying to develop new ways to solar dry their socks. I just talk to the rest of you then.

You get what I am talking about right? I didn’t mean to throw your thinking off with all these gross pictures. But you get what I am talking about. With the market system, not a bastardized one that we have in the United States, you [the consumer] have all the power in an industry. You may not feel it with power houses like Wal-Mart but you really do.
Consumers alone made such an outcry of disgust that fashion designers are making pledges to only hire”healthy” models. Aka, ones with body fat.

Coming from an industry that is so fickle, self-righteous, pompous, and so indignant to basic moral character when engaged to free enterprise……free choice is an ear-ringing wake up call to the fashion industry. It should also serve as an example how people, not governments, may have a better position to govern the social matters that exist in our time.

You see, this change in the fashion industry wasn’t voluntary. I know, you are scratching your head. This change you see here….it was a pure and simple change the way you operate or go out of business.

Consumers CAN control business WITH OUT laws. All you have to do is simply exercise your CHOICE.

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