The Krav kick my maga

Woooooo….so I have been holed up at El Rancho De Braco for the last day. I have been exusted, sore all over, and severally dehydrated. No, I don’t have the Flu. I had my first Krav Maga class on Monday and it kick my arse. I want to apologize to all the other practishioners of martial arts….no warm up I have done in martial arts comes close to what I did on Monday.

In the first five minutes of class I was worn out and I had the rest of the hour to go. Running, punching, side glides, punching and running, running and punching, running and kicking, sit ups, push ups, fighting, levitating…. I mean this was non-stop high effort for an entire hour. I think I fought just as hard to keep my eye from rolling back into my head than I did to punch that g-d d-mn bag.

But now that it is over…..I LOVE IT. The first day of class I learned some really great fighting techniques. The stuff makes sense, is easy to pull off, and is very effective. No stupid high flying kicks, no horse stance double arm blocks to the side, no telegraphing your moves!

I also like the training in terms that you wear street clothes. The thought is you are more likely to fight in blue jeans and a t-shirt. Odds are you are not going to get attacked wearing your karate gi. On top of that we are not only training in the gym but also in the fields at day and at night. In the parking lot at day and night. In a ditch at day and night. Between cars in a parking lot at day and night. And just to pass the first skill level its like a two our three out exam.

So if you read about me passing the first skill level then it means I can fight in a lot of urban environments for about two or three hours straight while being simultaneously being attack from several people with weapons – OR – if I stop blogging all together it means I am dead at the hands of my body giving out.

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