El Rancho de Braco

Texas wildfires

It was so wild, the wild fires I mean. There I am walking across the parking lot and there is little bits of ash in the air. Not like a snow flurry but it was a flake or two you notice if you hold real still and focus. So its not a lot but concidering that these ashes are flying over 30 miles from where the Texas wild fires are burning in the hill country is a neat.

Oh don’t worry, the fires are about 15 miles away from El Rancho de Braco. So no real threat of my house catching on fire or anything.

So the whole day everyone is kind of clearing their throats or a lite hacking cough. All this smoke and the cedar pollen has everyone kind of beat. What really amazed me was the smoke on the way back. Now Austin Minor (Round Rock, Texas) has been a polluted city ever since they sold their souls to Mayor Maxwell. Today however was different! Instead of the gray haze it was a thick light brown haze that totally surrounded you. The entire drive home was this light brown “fog”…even when I got to the normally clean air of the Hill Country.

Makes you feel pretty small and connected to a greater scheme of things at the same time.

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