A story of moral choices

You grow up and graduate high school and go on to college. Your high school girlfriend and you are so very happy. She is a wonderful girlfriend! She doesn’t take your money, she doesn’t nanny you, she doesn’t keep you from doing anything, and she doesn’t make you do anything you don’t want to do. She doesn’t endlessly ramble and speaks when she has something important to say. Because of her tremendous respect for you, you intern respect her very much and also return much of the same kindness and love.

You start growing wiser in college and in life and eventually you realize you can do better than than what you currently have, So you break it off with her. You start trying to court these really two hot models. They both promise to take care of every need that you have. They want to work for you, feed you, take care of you, heck they’ll even call the clinic if you start to get a sniffle. This is great you say! How awesome! You manage to get them both home and they are totally for going home with you at the same time….as long as you choose one of them at the end of the night.

They pour endless glasses of wine, put on great music, talk you up one side and down the other, they do naught naughty things to you. Then they take off their clothes and they are both men….dressed in drag.

Out in the rain and to freezing cold is your high school sweethart still wanting you back. Knowing that you are in there with the debauchery, still willing to accept you back. You can call her “The Republic” or the constitution. The two dudes are the DNC and the GOP.

When ever I hear anyone say that they are voting for the lesser of two evils I just shake my head. If you want to snuggle up to a cross dresser just because they are more “electable” then fine. I’m going to choose no evil and vote my principles. I vote Libertarian

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