Major News Media Bias

This is something my wife starts talking about when ever I get excited about Ron Paul. “Yes he knows what he is talking about”, “Yes he has the track record to back it up”, “Yes he represents us better than any candidate could ever hope to” but then she follows it up with “But he won’t win because the media doesn’t want him to win”.

I keep writing her off as a pessimist but its getting to the point where I am starting to agree with her. For over a month now I see Ron Paul beating all odds and coming out with surprise results. Iowa #4, NH #4 again I think, NEVADA #2, and SC was a #5 but hey whatever. If you total all the votes Ron Paul is chomping at the heels of #3 from his very strong #4 spot.

With his constant performance and the merry-go-round of 1st place position, Ron Paul has a strong chance of making an upset.

Yet NONE of this is talked about at all. Hell I heard CNN today talk about the four GOP candidate; Hucknator, Wrong Knee, Citizen Kane, and The Don. WTF! Rudy Giuliani is getting his ass handed to him. He was losing to Thompson of all people who was trailing Ron Paul by a wide margin. Yet he is a front runner!?!?! DO the numbers mean nothing….these are peoples votes here.

Today I am looking as this huge graphic of Thompson with pages of news history about him. This is the guy in a distant 5th place spot! This guy dropped out today.

And Ron Paul who scored #2 in Nevada…… nothing. Zilch, Zip, Nada. Black listed. You would think the news would report news and not petition for their selected candidates at the exclusion of others. But what do you expect out of


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