The headlines at MSNBC reads “Study: Bush led U.S. to war on ‘false pretenses’ “.

I don’t know what makes me more angry….the fact that the media is just now starting to report on this or the fact that they knew about this back then and refused to talk about it during the build up of the war. The Bush administration is contemptuous as the very least.

To sit here and listen to these Journalist “think tanks” just now come to the conclusion that the war was bunk is…is…is…..something really nasty that I don’t want to put on my blog.

They wouldn’t come out against the war because they couldn’t make money off of it. They feared being called unpatriotic. They are sell outs and cowards, the lot of them!

Instead of reporting the news they supported the war build up by NOT reporting the news and only reporting pro-war propaganda.

Murrow is rolling in his grave. I hope every journalist reads this….and if you are then you need to know that you are a two bit, worthless whore of a person and damn you for calling yourself a journalist.

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