By the way….

By the way… it’s Monday. Actually Yesterday was my Monday and today is my Tuesday. So what does that mean when Thursday roles around? It means I get to be screwed out of Friday until Friday is actually here. Basically I get double Thursdayed. Oh crap….did I just get verbed. Twice!

Well besides having to do work on the weekend I also got slammed with Cedar fever. For you yanks its that time in the year when all the NORTHERN Juniper trees (aka Cedar) start to spore out their pollen. Yes…for all you juvenile minds its tree sperm. We are all getting jizzed on.

You may have heard me rant about the Cedar trees before. Like how they drop my ground water table to jaw dropping levels. Or how they turn my soil in to fine brown baby powder. Or how they destroy growth of everything around them (even grass struggles). And you can add getting jizzed on too!

Folks around here call this Cedar fever. When basically all the cedar trees release their pollen spores in a relatively short period of time. Literally saturating the air with cedar pollen. To give you an idea of the magnitude of this ecological group orgy. You park you car over night and when you come out there will be a thick fine yellow powder that covers your car. I am not talking about “Oh, I forgot to dust my coffee table type of dust. I am talking about being able to draw Leonard Da Vinci’s Genesis on your car type of coating.

Anyways, the point being that Cedar fever is congestion AND a runny noise, itchy eyes, pounding head ache, sore through (post nasal drip induced), itchy throat, feeling like you got run over by a train, and in a few cases people spontaneously combust. But you know what….we keep rolling. That’s how we handle being sick in Texas. We keep punching in from 9 to 5, We keep the cows moving and the chicken clucking, We do what we need to do and we take it in stride. So to all you yanks and your devil trees…You may have won the war but by hell fire you’ll never win our treedom!

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