Well well well….looks like our lovable and entertaining little miss Spears is back on my screen again. Oh what fun and joy it is to have her vomited across head lines across the globe! Yay low standards of media! Of course I am one of them and it means I get to regurgitate the news. Yippie…..shameless Google hits!

Britnney Spears Britney Spears Britnay Spear Boobies Nude

K, that added a few more 😉

Looks like B.S. has taken to reading, and I don’t mean quantitative black hole physics, no I mean that B.S. seems to be reading the Che Guerra hand book. Her latest
tra-la-la over the ambiguous plains of her reality involved 1) Her children 2) Her Ex 3) Enough lawyers to make Janet Reno cream his panties 4) a Judge. Yes folks, she was schedule to appear and testify to a judge for custody her of her children.

IIiiiin perfect B.S form and fashion, one B.S. managed to drive to the court house and speak to her lawyers. With logic that hands down competes with a drunken retarded chimp banging it head against the wall, Ms. Spears bolts from the court house in text book Che Guerra flare. Her last sighting is in her “paparazzi crusher” black SUV making that “driving into the sun set” silhouette as she hits it for the highway.

If she kept on reading she would have found out that she is going to be back stabbed by her biggest supporter all for some financial and military support from Russia.

This should be fun to watch…..

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