New Hampshire

Was New Hampshire a let down for anyone else? As far as Demlicans go, Obama is the one I might be able to tolerate. His policies are terrible but they are less than those of the other Demicans. Instead New Hampshire throws the win to Billary……WTF New Hampshire?!?!?

On the Republicrat side the re-re-re-McCain pulls a pretty big win. I can’t say I honestly know where this guy stands on any issues. Well until next month when he changes his platform again.

Also looks like the HuckNator took a shot to the nose last night. From first to third place….ooooouch! Word in the grape vine is that the GOP is a little scared that Hucks ultra religious stance is a turn off to conservatives that value the separation of church and state. Hell, I’m surprised that conservatives are still in the GOP! Regardless it seems that the GOP is pulling some of its support away from the incredible Huck. I wonder if that raises any red flags to anyone? That the heads of a political party can change how you vote for people…. I don’t know if that creeps you out. It creeps me out.

Alas, Ron Paul. He did good don’t get me wrong. I just thought that New Hampshire being such a liberty minded state would galvanize around Paul to at least put him in third place. Fifth place again but this time the Don Giuliani had a victory against Doc.

On a closing note….when are Hunter and Thompson going to drop out?

Anywho….let’s hope SoCo runs a better results for Doc

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