Getting to work faster…..?

I have a normal commute into Austin Minor. A commute where I regiment myself into a calm and organized experience that leaves me relaxed and prepared for a days worth of work at the office.

In this commute I drive the speed limit and I am almost always in the slow lane. I certainly do not want to get in the way of anyone else. People pass me all the time and that’s just fine with me. I occasionally get someone that rides my rear, guns it to get around me, cuts in front of me, and hits the breaks. Does that bother me…no. Not in the slightest. I am always ready for it and its almost like in my state of relaxation I am actually MORE prepared for unusual events.

Going along the same line of discussion here I also get the people that flash their brights at me since I refuse to speed. I just let it go…its like my own little light show going on behind me.

Today I am sipping on my coffee whilst listening to the English chamber orchestra perform the Prince of Denmark’s March. Cars are flying past my calm and steady 70 mph as they are easily doing 80 to 90 mph. And I came to ponder this pondering that I might ask you to ponder during your normal pondering time:

“Why do people want to get to work faster”

I for one do NOT want to get to work faster. I prefer to enjoy my commute and all the slender of the Beauty of Texas (Until you get to Austin Minor). I prefer to enjoy the music on the radio. I also prefer to enjoy my morning cup of coffee and maybe think about what I want to accomplish today. What I DO NOT want to do is get to work before I actually have to.

1 thought on “Getting to work faster…..?”

  1. For me, I actually LIKE my job.. 😛 Plus, I’m currently working a high visibility project so I feel like there’s a lot of pressure, lots to do, and therefore less time. Though, really, I have no time. haha.I think my wanting to live closer to get there faster also has a lot to do with the gas prices. I hate spending that much on tolls and fuel!!!


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