Interesting turn of events in Iowa last night…in case you are not tuning into the drama that the news media has managed to make it was Iowas Caucus elections. Let me give you a run down real quick.

Basically the Demlicans and the Republicrats gather together in their precinct halls (a church, school, house, whatever) for their particular party (if they can tell the difference) and vote on their favorite person for President. Eventually this all rolls up to the county level, then the state level, and then the national party level. At which point you’ll see the party support only one candidate. This doesn’t mean the members do, just the party apparatus.

The person I am voting for is Ron Paul who did very well in the caucus. You have seven Republican candidates, two of which are in a heated news battle (Huck and Romney), another that was the Republican poster boy for several years (Don Giuliani), another that was a Republican love child back in 06′ (McCain), And Fred who was put in by the party to wash out the Rudy vote (They may like Rudy but don’t want him a president).

For Ron Paul to get 10% ~ 13% (depending on where you get your data) is pretty amazing. Of course the man drama between the Hucknator and Romney is going to trump most peoples vote. Its still good to see that 10% ~ 13% of Iowa Republicans still vote on principle.

We also had a few drop outs in the race, so here is where we stand now:

Demlicans Republicrats
Joe Biden Don Giuliani
Hillary Clinton Mike Huckabee
Chris Dodd Duncan Hunter
John Edwards John McCain
Mike Gravel Ron Paul
Dennis Kucinich Mitt Romney
Barack Obama Fred Thompson
Bill Richardson

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