B.S. is at it again

Oh the fun I can poke
The jokes I can make
the glee and giggle I can get from watching B.S. keep on being B.S.

Seems last night a drunken B.S. (we assume drunk but police don’t know for sure) refused to return her kids to their father. K-Fed is not my favorite person…not in a long shot. But for being a total no talent ass hat he is at least a good dad. That’s about all he has going for him.

B.S. on the other hand is the paramount example of why you don’t let your children entire show business full time. Remember when pop culture booed Christina Aguilera for her raunchy, voyeuristic, and partying ways? Even B.S. came in a said she was a dirty wh$re? Now where are they now? Christie is married and expecting….B.S. came out of her candy coating and is providing us with all sorts of evening news entertainment.

At least one of them was honest from the start….who ever thought it would be the dirty wh$re?

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