Divorce Court Bias

For years I have complained about the Divorce Court Bias. It is very well known down here in Texas, and other states I hear, that when a couple gets divorced its usually the female that gets the better end of the cake.

Any chance at a amicable relationship is destroyed when two parents enter divorce court. Out of the two very emotional and grief stricken individuals the court promptly ignores a ruling that would split the parental rights down the middle. Instead the court gives the mother the equivalent of handing a .45 to a five year old and pointing to their new enemy. It is in my opinion the most disgusting display of logical thought and emotional maturity. Yet, they have more guns and can enforce the public stripping of rights from the father. And mothers…if you are wondering why your “Ex” no longer wants to be around the kids anymore then for once just think.

Guys handle emotional trauma, yes trauma, by removing or shutting out pain. Especially if it is reoccurring trauma as are having to see your once children. To a parent the worst pain is losing your children. Losing you parental rights is one step away from losing them all together. Now the children might get lucky with a good dad (I hope I am in that category) that can over come all of this. Sticking through it all and taking shots to the chin like a champ. But who can blame a dad for wanting to move away from his ex? What I see most mothers do is to use the children to inflict emotional and financial hardships on that father. It is the divorce court system bias that allows and promotes using children as weapons of emotional turpitude. But hear me or hear me not! It is usually the mother that is to blame.

Does this sounds a little sexist? Sure it does! The Divorce Court System has proven itself in utter contempt for the laws of this land and by perverted decrees allow females to become a class above men and no longer equal to men.

Why am I blabbing about this? Weeeeeeeell it seems like a little perverted justice is happening where to women are divorcing each other. Each having a child from the same donor dad and then adopting each others child. Now the two mothers want to divorce but each want full custody. I’ll admit I get a little satisfaction out of this. I mean for once I know of a case where the female gets to feel what divorcing dads get to endure. I am, as always when I hear of divorce, sad for the children. They are now thrust into a life time of watching their parents attempt to emotionally manipulate or flat out emotionally blackmail them into inflicting damage on to their parents.

In closing…if we want to reform the judicial system we can start with legalizing freedom of choice to consume what you want. If we can’t agree on that then lets move to item number two on the list and gives BOTH parents EQUAL PARENTAL rights. After that lets go back to item number one.

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