Happy day!

Alight, so here is my jew(ish) leaning rule about Christmas. I only buy present for the kids.

Long ago I realized that people are spending themselves daffy during this season. They blow all their money, spend all their credit, invest an entire month of mall fights and parking lot drag racing…all for what? So you can show your love for your family? The same family you probably haven’t seen since last Christmas? Lets call a spade a spade here folks!

Anywho, my rule is just for the kids. The adults can cook a good meal for each other and sit back with some wine and enjoy the pandemonium that is occurring in the living room whilst the little folk whip themselves into a frenzy.

Now the caveat to this rule is that I do buy gifts for my nuclear family, aka everyone that lives in my house. My mother, Wife, and the kids…..and myself but don’ tell my wife that. This rule is also reciprocated with the other grownup folk. What I am leading up to and really need an excuse to get to the damn point is about what I got for the pagan winter solstice celebration!

The wife got me a nice bottle of Bushmills single malt Irish Whiskey aged 10 years!

And the fun is not over yet.

My uncle, breaking the rule (bless him), got me a bottle of 12 year old MacCallan “Highland” Single Malt Scotch, aka Scotchish Whiskey

Happy day indeed!

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