New work bench

So you may have heard somewhere that I got a new miter saw. A 12″ Compound miter saw from Sears but who’s cutting hairs (I can if you want!). This thing is a beast of a machine and looks gorgeous. I am totally in love with it but one thing about it is that it is to big for my work bench.

When we first moved to the house I bought a 10″ circular saw (for the dryer project) and got the bright idea to make a work bench in my tool shed. Besides the misaligned sideboards and off level legs, thanks to not having my cuts straight, it was a pretty nice looking work bench. But now I have a big arse’ed miter saw that is to big for the work bench. Indeed….I feel the need to start my man mode to “fix it”.

The solution? By a bunch of wood and make another work bench! Yee-haw!

I’ll let the men out there take a second of silence for your moment of man zen

I headed off to Lowes to get about (14) 2×4 and one big arse sheet of cross section ply wood. I forgots me dimension for it but it was about the size of your typical wall sheath. I looked like a total goof ass hauling it in my truck and one of these days I am going to get a flat bed trailer. But bugger that! We are manning up for this work bench project!

I did it the Norm (New Yankee Workshop) way. I made a complete dimensional drawing, or Draw-wing for you Yanks. Marked my cuts and miter cuts, measured my top panel, shelves, teh whole nine years. I will admit thought that I forgot to measure my shop floor.

A quick note about my shed, aka the shop, aka the meth lab, aka my man hut, is built on a pillar foundation. It was never meant to be a shop. And I’ll note that I did not build it. If I did, and one day I will, it would have been a perfectly floated and zero angle concrete shop floor. And my point is…..ok yes! My point is that the floor is uneven which caused some spacing issues with my table level. A few shims made from the bones of a hundred Chinese children and we are go to go…..Wa-What! I got them at Wal-Mart! Get off my ass about it.

Regardless, it is an “L” shaped bench which houses my miter saw on one side and my work area (to the right) on the other. I also built a handy shelf above for some extra storage. I can tell things are really coming along with this workshop of mine. Maybe one day I’ll have that dream shop I have been always wanting

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