Miter saw

I got a miter saw!

Yup….all those weeks of waiting! Wifey and I finally saved up enough cash to get one and I wub it sooooo much!

It is a Sears brand 12″ Compund miter saw (sorry, no slide).

It was a nice deal because the Saw is $300 but Sears was having an on-line sale that knocked off $80. Plus I live pretty close to the local Sears store so it got it within an hour of paying for it.

I have already mass produced new window screens, you have to cut the metal frame to exact measurements.

And I built a new work bench (another post coming soon) which you see in the picture. Wifey has plans for a house and a new deck on the property and I am sure this little puppy is going to be doing the lions share of the work. 🙂

I hug it every day

2 thoughts on “Miter saw”

  1. I think I have the same saw. 10″ with “a frickin laser beam”? Love it!Used mine alot adding crown molding in the living and dining rooms. Oh, and is that Ziegen Bock on the workbench?


  2. Oh heck yeah…as far as miter saws go this is close to a DeWalt but tons better for the price. Kinda wish I had the sliding saw (have already needed it) but nothing a quick flip can’t fix. And yes sir, that happens to be a very fine brewed Ziegen Bock sitting on my work bench.


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