The new roommate

It must have been just before the butt crack of dawn when I was stepping out of my room as I was buttoning my dress shirt. It was Thursday and my mind was already on todays agenda. Meetings, meetings, meetings, and maybe some more meetings.

My daughter, wife, and mother were in the living room getting my daughter dressed and playing around a little. I don’t know what promted me to look at the ceiling…my Jedi senses jsut told me to look. And there…..on the ceiling…..was this little fella

That’s a big fuzzy and hug able tarantula! These little critters are great! They eat the little things I don’t want in the house. And from time to time the decide to break the perimeter and run an incursion into the house. Tis’ fine with me.

My fear of tarantulas is right on the same level as turning the light switch off right after I have stepped out of the shower. Caution serves the best purpose. Plus I want them having little tarantula orgies on my property. Its the pest control I am shooting for here.

In the end I got this little fell in my sons bug catcher net and catapulted him over the front porch. His landing, for all you PETA folks, was a nice dew covered grass patch. I apologize to all the PETV (People for the Ethical Treatment of Vegetation) that I attacked the grass with the spider.

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