The Jesus Fish Chronicles

The Jesus Fish Chronicles: Chronicle five, the mini-van cell phone driver

A JFC as been rare sight lately. I have moved to a small country neighborhood and you just don’t see the kind of silly behavior from adults in the country as you do in the city. Lucky for me that I work in Austin Minor, a city that is working feverishly to become just like Austin Major.

The Jesus Fish Chronicles: Chronicle Five, The Mini-Van Cell Phone Driver.

September 20th
Time: 7:36 am

It was on an access road intersection in Austin Minor. I am heading to work and from the opposite direction there is a semi-truck in (their) the inside lane with a mini-van on the outside lane. Now both lanes are turn lanes but only their outside land is both straight bound or turn bound, while the inside lane turn only. Typical right?

Well justice was served today…for all those people that drive on the road with the pretentious, self absorbed, “me first”, Escalade drivers who talk on their cell phones while driving. Yes sweat justice was served and the light side of the force grew a little.

Mrs. motor mouth managed to complete ignore the dotted yellow line and smashed her $40k+ mini-van into the much bigger semi-truck as SHE crossed into the other lane.

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