Government "protects" us again….

The Imperial Guard made another drug bust in the Empires war against drugs. The raid took place in Oakland, CA. and the place raided….. a candy shop.

See funny thing is that those wacky lefties in California actually did something right and legalized medical pot. Which, if you ever had a family member with cancer (I have), is a great piece of medicine, if you can call it that. Its more like an enabler for those with cancer to take their cocktail medicine to fight off or prolong the final effects of cancer.

But another point I would like to make…. it is not MY business what I decided to put into MY body? Not according to the Empire and the Imperial Guard.

Ignoring state law, the Imperial guard seized all assets of a candy making company that was making pot-laced candy. But not any candy…before you go up in arms, with names like “Mr. Green Bud” or “Stoned Rancher” or “Baby Jane” you obviously can see that pop-humor.

The argument that these could fall in the hands of children is a farce. A five dollar “Budda Finger” is no match the marketing power of a fifty cent “Butterfinger”. Not the mention that these pot candies are NOT sold on the candy rack. The statement that these are in the environment of a child is simply not true. The market for these novelty candy bars is entirely on the realm of pot users and medical pot users that have the funds available to purchase this product. Namely anyone NOT under the age of 16 (legal working age).

…is any of this making sense yet?

Imperial guard violates state law to protect the children from the big bad drug pushers, when in reality children are not going to want to purchase this product anyway nor can the afford it. State law is broken, Constitutional boundaries have been breeched, Civil Liberties have been violated…all for the children. Awwwwww, how cute.



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