Beer Can Chicken strikes again

Well this post is coming kind of late.

I did a second attempt on the beer can chicken. The first B.C.C. was under cooked and I had to microwave it to finish it off. Still it was mighty tasty and worth a second try.

This time I did it right! indirect grilling method again but this time the coals were closer together and I used an orange to plug the neck hole. The first time I used a potato and don’t ask me what the difference is other than an orange taste around the neck skin. Functionally it works the same, keeping the beer vapors locked in.

Anywho….I brought that little bastard into the house after a two our roast on the grill. This time I knew the chicken was cooked properly! When I picked the leg off the chicken the meat slid right off. The Wifey managed to get the other leg off and gave it a gentle shake..resulting in the meat falling on to her plate. Yeah, it was done!

So all in all the second try was a major success!

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