Holy Moses….I have been feeling like someone hit me in the face with a sledge hammer. Monday I had people from work telling me to stay home cause I looked like crap. And as for yesterday…wife told me to stay home. I’m glad she did! I was not in any capacity to do any kind of work. I even tried playing Civ 4 and I ended up getting tired.

So I spent the day watching the history channel. I totally lucked out too! Almost the entire day we devoted to Rome and the Romain empire. I was in a total intellectual nirvana.

As for today…. I am still totally wiped out but I am at work. So at least I can feel like I have some measure of productivity. And hey, I did get at least five hours of sleep this time.

Oh, and yes. I have tons of posts to make (with pictures). I was trying to do it yesterday but the level of complexity that I was able to handle just about throttled out with using the TV remote. I think I might have time tonight but we have plans to eat dinner with my old friend Mikela.

I haven’t seen her in almost two years and I miss her a lot. Time, family, and work just keeps me from getting hanging out with my friends (unless they come over). Anywho, I get to see her again and I am exited about that. Plus she is married now and is expecting in March (I think its March).

ok, enough from me. I have nineteen days of work to do in a span of seven hours. Catch you on the flip side.

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